The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Instagram Marketing

If you just started your own business or personal brand, you must be looking for ideas to promote it. To promote the products and services you offer, you need a platform and an audience. In the present time, there is no better platform to promote your business than Instagram. By mid of 2022, Instagram had 2.7 Billion users. This is a huge number and a great opportunity for your business. With the right guidance, it is possible to gain much-needed visibility and a loyal customer base in the industry. Here are the 10 most useful suggestions to succeed in Instagram Market.

Setting up a business profile

Once you have started your business online, you need to set up a business profile on Instagram. Unlike personal accounts, Business or professional accounts come with several tools that benefit the brand. Choose a handle that has your brand name only as it’ll be easier for people to find. Focus on the Bio section – never write lengthy text-heavy bios. Keep it simple and clear to convey what your business has to offer.

Work on the Content

A larger user base is a great opportunity for startup brands but equally difficult because of the fierce competition. One thing that differentiates you from others is the content. Make your Instagram content engaging and relevant to the audience. Work on the profile aesthetic, use a specific color shade or combination of colors in all your posts. Use tools like Canva to create eye-catching graphics. Highlight sales, discounts, and events in your brand through appealing images. Use trending topics on Instagram and connect your business to it for more viewership. Keep your content game strong to build a solid following on Instagram.

Utilize Instagram marketing tools

You should always analyze your work to know if you are in the right direction. Instagram business profiles come with features like Account Insights that show the profile performance. It breaks down all the details of demographics like age range, gender, and location of people who engaged with certain content. This is extremely helpful to understand if your plan is working or if there is a need to change the strategy.

Create Appealing Ads

While scrolling Instagram, you must have seen ads of different brands popping up with a mention of ‘Sponsored’. These are Instagram ads created to reach a wider audience. Once you have set up your account and posted relevant content about products, discounts, etc., create ads to reach out to more people. The best part of these ads is they appear very subtly to a user without being pushy about sales. If your content is engaging enough, the user will surely click on the CTA button to explore more.

Post Teasers to Generate Curiosity

Once you gain a handsome following on the platform, you need to keep them engaging through creative post ideas. Before you launch a product or service, create a teaser to generate curiosity amongst them. Share a sneak peek with the followers. This will help you promote your business better and keep the followers engaged.

Don’t neglect  Stories

Stories are beneficial yet easy way to promote your content. A lot of time people simply go through the stories rather than scrolling down on Instagram. Always keep your stories active through various content. The fun part is you don’t need to create a separate written post or graphic for stories. Simply share the content link you posted in your account or the link to a new product on your website. It is also a good opportunity for sharing customer reviews, client testimonials, or any BTS activities. It doesn’t demand much time but is highly effective for your brand.

Interaction is the key

The more you interact with the people, the more they are likely to stay connected with the brand.   Instagram has various ways to interact with its followers. Always answer the queries asked in the comment section. Never miss replying to the comments under your posts. Also, keep the stories interacting through Q&A. Whenever you are planning to launch new products or services, ask them about their opinion as well.

Focus on Reels

You can share your content as posts, stories, and reels on Instagram. For the present time, reels have been proven to be the most successful in terms of engagement. A video is anyways a better way to reach and connect with more people. With reels, it has become possible to reach even those who are not your followers. When a video clip and music together look visually attractive, the views and reach increase.

Collaborate with Influencers

Social Media Influencers are people with a large number of followers. They generally post content that is loved and followed by many. Partnering with an influencer can give your brand the needed boost. For a start-up business, you may not have the budget to hire the best one but there are influencers at many levels. You can convince them to promote your business under a limited budget or in exchange for your products or services. You may also plan giveaways with the influencers to cater to a bigger audience.

Time & Frequency

The most vital part of Instagram Marketing is the time of posting and the frequency. The time depends on where you are situated and what audience you cater to. The frequency of posting also matters to keep the engagement and interest of people ongoing. Posting twice a day is considered appropriate for Instagram. You can post in two different forms to have a good balance. Also, Monday and Thursday are considered the best days for posting so keep your best work to be posted on those days.

Instagram Marketing has all the potential to provide the right boost for your startup. But as the competition rises, you need to be highly efficient in terms of the quality of content and strategy. At DMS we provide you with the perfect strategy to gain followers and customers over Instagram marketing. With our expertise, your business will scale in terms of customer base and revenue generation.

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